Ever since it was introduced to the West, yoga has been an ever-evolving practice that challenges our minds and bodies like never before. Essential poses might stay the same, but yogis and enthusiasts continue to find unique ways to make this ancient form of fitness fresh and fun for people of all ages. Join us as we take a closer look at some of the top yoga trends to look for at your local center or studio. Keep reading to learn more!

Acrobatic Yoga: Fitness couples and romantic yogis are all catching a little bug called partnership. Partner yoga is growing more popular by the day, and it allows couples or friends to find common ground while improving their health and wellness. There is a solution for every kind of yoga enthusiast and experience level, but partner yoga allows you to test your flexibility and communication skills in midair with a teammate to help you bend, stretch, and find your Zen. Acrobatic yoga is great for anyone that might like to improve balance or increase core strength while spending quality time with a loved one.

Music Playlists: You’ve probably seen groups of people on mats, bending their way from pose to pose at your local park. Outdoor yoga classes and community events are gaining steam, because they are easier to access and attract yogis of all kinds. In a typical yoga studio, instructors play ambient music or no music at all. However, yoga festivals are embracing music as an extra form of expression and release. With the right playlist, music adds to the intensity and energy of this exercise while helping yogis to stay centered.

Retreat Vacations: There’s no better way to reduce daily stress than by taking a recreational holiday with your fellow yogis. Although spiritual retreats are one of the top yoga trends to look forward to, they are far from new. Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, established a three-month spiritual retreat by the name of Vassa for every rainy season. Today, these retreats take place in exotic locations throughout the world.

Yoga Apps: It’s no surprise that technology is changing the world and the way we do things, but mobile yoga is one of the most exciting innovations in the yoga world. Despite schedule conflicts or long commutes, you can enjoy and practice yoga in the comfort of your own home by downloading an app. There are a wide variety of yoga apps out there, and some of them even feature yoga teachers for a more personalized approach to low-impact exercise. You can find apps at competitive prices or for free, so you can maintain your breathing and flexibility anywhere you go.

Even when nuanced with exotic locations, innovative props, or live music, yoga classes provide tremendous benefits for the mind, body, and soul.