If you are interested in becoming an Authorized Distributor for Muscle Club Apparel, you must have a business license and a retail store front in order to apply.  Applications to sell Muscle Club Apparel products from home or an online auction site will not be considered at this time.  Please click the link for our Authorized Distributor Application and follow the instructions.  We will review completed applications in the order they are received and notify you when a decision has been made.  Incomplete application packets will not be considered.  Please note the review process can take up to 10-15 days.  We appreciate your patience.

If you have any questions involving this process, please email us at


“Your line is selling faster than I can get them up here at this location.  Until I ordered your line, I had a very hard time moving any pro shop items. I think we hit the jackpot with you guy’s!”  ~Phyllis Schembre – Crossgates Fitness


So you want to be a Muscle Club Apparel® Authorized Distributor?

Great!  At Muscle Club we have come up with a pricing structure that is geared to make your business money… and we’ve made it simple.  We don’t have a pricey “buy in” to receive great discounts, nor do we tell you what shirts you have to buy or how to break down your order.  Because it is, just that… your order!  You know your clients better than we do.  You know what sells at your location better than we do. And most importantly you know what sizes you need in order to keep your inventory operating smoothly.  Our low cost and low wholesale minimums afford your business the freedom to test products in small amounts, which allow you see how our products sell for you without a high priced initial buy in.  All we require is that you purchase 36 total pieces in order to be considered wholesale.


I’ve got my order together, how does payment work for wholesale orders?

Typically we have enough inventory to pull your entire order once you are ready.  So once you get your wholesale order together and contact Muscle Club Apparel® we get straight to work. We will review your order to determine the total cost and will send you a payment notification for your order, which you must pay in full before the order ships.  Wholesale applicants MUST have a confirmed PayPal address for payment.  No exceptions.  This is for your protection and ours.


How long until my order ships?

Your order will usually ship within 3-4 business days after payment.