For those of us who can only spend so many hours on the elliptical, workouts can grow boring quite quickly. Luckily, fitness trainers and enthusiasts are a creative bunch. There are more classes to try than ever before, and some will argue the wackier the better. Your fitness journey goes beyond flexible fabrics and versatile athletic apparel. In this informative article, we highlight some of the most unusual fitness classes out there. Keep reading to learn about wild workout sessions that are still highly effective for maximum muscle gains.

Unusual Fitness Classes for Everyone

Classic workouts may not be for everyone. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of classes and sessions out there that think outside of the box.

Aerial Aerobics: Some call it aerobics and others call it dance, but aerial training is ideal for any woman or man who has an adventurous spirit. Aerial aerobics challenge both the muscles and the mind, using pairs of sheets called silks to hoist yourself into the air. Once mid-air, you then perform various moves that require you to hold your own body weight. Though aerial dance can seem intimidating, classes are available in most cities for all levels of experience.

Aqua Cycling: If you’re looking for a fun and soothing workout routine, look no further than aqua cycling. Underwater spin classes are popping up in many cities, and this low-impact alternative to traditional spinning requires upper body, back, and core work as well as breathing and stretching. Classes typically take place in four feet of water on bikes that are attached to the bottom of a therapy pool with suction cups. Pedaling against the water, you may leave feeling relaxed and sleepy. This may well explain why aqua cycling is growing in popularity amongst insomniacs.

Indoor Surfing: Even if you live far from the coast and still crave the sea, there may be a perfect solution somewhere in between. Indoor surfing is a revolutionary workout that strays away from traditional static exercise. You work out on the board for the entire class, which is designed to engage your core and stabilizer muscles simultaneously. Surfing is known to develop lean physiques, as well as multi-planar movements that challenge you in unique ways.

MELT® Method: Where fitness and health collide, you will find the MELT® method. This self-treatment system was designed to reduce the effects of accumulated tension and stress. This method directly addresses symptoms of your body in a way no other self-treatment can, including diet and exercise. There are plenty of resources and supplies available online, so you can take a live class or workshop right at home. You can also find a certified MELT® method instructor in a city near you, so you can reap the benefits and live a healthy, active, pain-free life.

Metal Yoga: When you think of yoga, you likely envision a tranquil yoga studio and ambient tunes sounding in the background. In metal yoga, the entire session is shrouded by growling vocals and drone metal music. The idea was conceived by a New York yoga instructor who decided to combine her passion for metal music with vinyasa yoga. Each class is met with growls, roars, screams, fists, and a whole lot of headbanging. Can’t find a metal yoga studio near you? Practice downward facing doom at home or start your own class with all the warrior poses you can think of.

Pole Dancing: I know, it seems different, but experts say that this sweat-inducing workout is very effective. Pole dancing comes with the added benefits of learning how to flaunt your curves and celebrating your body. Spinning pole and choreography classes are available for every experience level.

Which Wacky Workout Beguiles You?

Though these unusual fitness classes may disguise your workouts in a few layers of fun and competition, don’t be fooled. These are still very much good, sometimes intense, workouts. You can truly see results if you apply yourself consistently and safely.