Fitness enthusiasts know that there’s no fast track to building muscle without blood, sweat, tears, and a whole lot of iron. However, there are many ways you can improve your training regimen at the gym or at home. Maximum gains take a lot of perseverance, but we have the experience and know-how to help you achieve your goals and surpass expectations.

Five Tips for Maximum Gains

Whether losing weight or building muscle for an upcoming competition, these tips and best practices will help you in the pursuit of gains. Keep reading to learn some fitness tips that will help you increase strength and improve health.

Calorie Consumption: Most of us believe that we are what we eat, but that’s never more true than in bodybuilding. The golden rule of building muscle mass is a healthy diet, and you must eat in order to grow. A calorie surplus gives your body the amino acids and fuel necessary to pack on the muscle. Try calculating your ideal calorie consumption by considering how many calories your body burns in the course of the day while exercising, resting, and working.

Diversify Your Workout: Don’t make the mistake of lifting heavy all the time or exercising in the same order each time you work out. By expanding your rep ranges, you can improve overall muscle quality. By switching the order in which you exercise, your muscles won’t be fatigued beforehand. By adjusting your repetitions, load, and work out selection, you can continually increase muscle mass while allowing your body to adapt.

Keep a Journal: So many of us head straight to the gym without any thought as to how our bodies are progressing. By keeping a journal, you can log exercises, sets, reps, weights used, intensity techniques, and rest times to make your gains effective and fueled by data each week.

Sufficient Sleep: One of the most overlooked aspects of building muscle mass and staying healthy is adequate rest. Sleep allows us to repair muscles and other tissues, as well as replace aging or dead cells. Experts recommend eight to ten hours of sleep per night, and some reports recommend eating right before bed can support your metabolism.

Warm Up Properly: With time and training, your joints, ligaments, and muscles will be subjected to more stress than when you began. Without sufficient warm-up time, you run the risk of injury when you exercise. As you change from beginner to immediate, adjust your warm-up time proportionally to effectively prepare your muscles before exercise.

By following our tips for maximum gains, you can expect to see results and feel better as you work diligently to build muscle.