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Sponsorship / GiveAway / Review

Since its inception in 2010, Muscle Club Apparel® has quickly escalated into a brand that is recognized world-wide. We have a loaded cast of world class fitness models and athletes, and we are always on the lookout for new aspirants who wish to fill the part. Potential candidates must possess an appealing combination of personality, poise and presence, making them a viable candidate for Muscle Club consideration. Incomplete application packets will not be considered.  Please note the review process can take up to 10-15 days.  We appreciate your patience.

SPONSORSHIPS –  Use this form to be considered for a Muscle Club sponsorship.  Make sure you add your photos at the very bottom of the page.

PRODUCT REVIEW – Use this form if you have a blog or video channel in which you give product reviews. 

GIVEAWAY – Use this form if you wish to use our products for a giveaway in your network.  Be sure to include a description of the giveaway, the date, along with any other pertinent information for the event. 

OTHER – Use this form if you have something other than these three in mind.  Be sure to include details of your proposal.

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For consideration, include all of the information below as it applies to you.

Sponsorship submissions must submit three, full body photos that accurately depict you (and include your face).*