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Sponsorship / Giveaway / Review

If you are here, it is likely because you are interested in obtaining a sponsorship, and we would like to congratulate you for taking the first step! This is a challenging process for us because we really do not have any set criteria when it comes to choosing our new athletes. We just know our athletes always have at least one common bond… their ability to inspire and positively influence those around them with their passion for a healthy lifestyle.

Considering that we receive such a high volume of sponsorship requests each and every day, we thought that we would take time to share a few thoughts on how to get sponsored by Muscle Club:

1. Do you follow us on social media?

This should be a given, but ironically this simple step is often overlooked. Show us your support by liking our pages, and interacting with our posts on a regular basis. This is step number 1 to getting noticed.

2. Have you tried our apparel?

Seriously, this isn’t a ploy to drive sales here; but how do you know that you like our product, and are willing to recommend it to friends and family if you have never tried it? What better way to tell a company that you want to represent them than to say “I bought and use your product and love it!”

If you have never purchased from us before, consider using this one-time discount of 20% to get you started. Simply enter the coupon ‘mca-sponsor’ at the checkout. This coupon is valid for the next 7 days.

3. Have you tagged us?

Now that you have followed our social media pages and made a purchase, you definitely need to let us know about it. Tag us in your photos/videos using our hashtags #teammuscleclub and #muscleclubapparel in posts wearing our products!

4. Are you trying to grow your audience?

Please keep in mind that people actively trying to build and grow their social media presence usually rank higher in our decision making process. After all, a sponsorship is not just a one-way ticket for free products. You have to be able to offer something in return, namely an engaged audience, in order for us to justify the sponsorship.

5. Time to submit the application.

We receive over a hundred applications per week. Seriously. So when you send us an email, remember to tell us why we should pick you. This is your opportunity to sell yourself. And remember, including photos of you wearing our apparel actually means a great deal to us.



SPONSORSHIPS –  Use this form to be considered for a Muscle Club sponsorship.  Make sure you add your photos at the very bottom of the page.

PRODUCT REVIEW – Use this form if you have a blog or video channel in which you give product reviews. 

GIVEAWAY – Use this form if you wish to use our products for a giveaway in your network.  Be sure to include a description of the giveaway, the date, along with any other pertinent information for the event. 

OTHER – Use this form if you have something other than these three in mind.  Be sure to include details of your proposal.

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