You might have noticed a trend at your local gym, or everywhere, to be more precise. Women and men are donning activewear where gym clothes have never gone before. The rise of athleisure outfits is much more than a passing trend. In fact, consumer reporting agencies believe it’s here to stay. This informative article takes an in-depth look at what makes this trend so popular and why consumers cling to workout clothes that they can just as easily work in, lounge in, or grab coffee around the corner in. Along the way, you will learn when and where athleisure may be most appropriate. Keep reading to learn more.

Although it’s uncertain when the rise of athleisure outfits began, it’s clear that this fad far surpasses the days of Jazzercise, calisthenics, and other 1980s aerobics programs. Athleisure wear is the new casual standard. According to NPD Group, one of the leading market researchers, American consumers spent approximately $323 billion on athletic apparel in 2014 alone. Industry experts estimate that American consumers spent approximately $78 billion on athleisure in 2016 alone. Although the economic influence may be shrinking, it seems that new labels are breaking out into the athleisure industry every day.

Experts suggest that the limitations of business casual are shrinking. The modern workforce continues to merge casual and sportswear into one hybrid style for optimal comfort and durability. Consumers also love that athleisure apparel is generally more durable and offers odor or wrinkle resistance. We all want less maintenance in terms of everyday clothing, and most sportswear offers the convenience of antimicrobial technology as well as moisture-wicking for optimal evaporation. As these designer activewear collections continue to grow, companies are even hiring pop-culture spokesmodels for their campaigns. Athleisure is a direct result of culture and our desire for fitted clothing with a pop of color.

Now that you know more about the rise of athleisure outfits, we hope you’ll join the movement and inspire others to wear comfortable clothing that is still appropriate for work or for play. Even if you are lucky enough to squeeze in a spin session before your meeting, you should put as much thought into your athleisure outfit as you do your business casual outfits before racing off to sweat. Stick to seasonal trends. Invest in athleisure pieces that combine fashion and function. Accessorize appropriately. Stick to neutrals to avoid making the wrong statement. When in doubt, dress for the occasion. If you have any questions about this article, please contact us today for additional information.