For those of you following us on social media, you know that EVERYONE is anxious for this new release… you’ve seen it first hand. The hype has been building since we shared the new designs just two weeks ago, right before the Arnold Fitness Expo, and it is now at a fever pitch. And trust me when we say that we are just as excited as you for these 4 new designs (9 products total), and we can’t wait to see everyone in them hash-tagging #teammuscleclub

With that in mind, we’ve decided to get back to our roots with this release. A long time ago when we first started this business, we wanted to give everyone a benefit for being a loyal fan by allowing everyone a chance to receive pre-order prices on our hottest new items. Basically what that entails, is our customer gets our brand new products at roughly a 25-30% discount off retail price. The only catch, is that you will have to wait about two weeks for the items to ship, and no coupons can be used on top of pre-order pricing… and most everyone was cool with that because of the great discount. It’s really that simple.

Again, the new release is scheduled for Friday, March 16th at 7pm so set your alarms! All links will become live at the time of launch!


Scroll down to see all of the new products and their pre-order prices.





TIME TO GRIND CROP RACERBACK – $16ea. (pre-order price)

Sizes available: Small – Large

From the time your feet hit the floor in the morning to the time you lay down at night, you are always on the grind. Always thinking about the next objective and then on to the next one. Never looking back in the game of life other than to see how far you’ve come. It’s always time to grind.

Time To Grind maroon teeTIME TO GRIND TEE – $16ea. (pre-order price)

Sizes available: Small – 3XLarge



Time To Grind Women's Racerback Tank Top


TIME TO GRIND RACERBACK TANK – $16ea. (pre-order price)

Sizes available: XSmall – Large



Driven Ambitious and Hungry Racerback Tank

DRIVEN RACERBACK – $16ea. (pre-order price)

Sizes available: XSmall – Large

You are driven day in and day out… because you know that there is no elevator to success, and in order to make it to the top you’ll have to climb and sometimes even crawl. Failures and frustrations do not phase you because you realize that these are merely stepping stones in your path. You are on a mission. You, are DRIVEN.Driven Ambitious and Hungry teeDRIVEN TEE – $16ea. (pre-order price)

Sizes available: Small – 3XLarge



Driven Ambitious and Hungry women's crop tank


DRIVEN CROP RACERBACK – $16ea. (pre-order price)

Sizes available: Small – Large



United Weights Of America Racerback Tank Top


UNITED WEIGHTS RACERBACK – $16ea. (pre-order price)

Sizes available: XSmall – Large

What better way to simultaneously showcase your American patriotism and your affinity towards the weight room than with the Muscle Club Apparel United Weights tee. Lifters UNITE!


United Weights tee, united weights of America shirt

UNITED WEIGHTS TEE – $16ea. (pre-order price)

Sizes available: Small – 3XLarge



FORGED BY IRON TEE – $16ea. (pre-order price)

Sizes available: Small – 3XLarge

You don’t mindlessly run on a treadmill for hours on end; you are a different breed. You’ve carefully crafted your physique with intense training, subjecting your body to the iron’s will to pull you down and keep you there. But time and time again you rise up against the forces trying to hold you down, forging forward towards the goal. You are Forged By Iron.