Marissa Myatt is from Puerto Rico and currently lives in Norfolk, Virginia where she is active duty Navy. She began competing in the NPC Bikini division back in 2014. Her hobbies include watching New England sports teams, baking, lifting, and traveling. She’s been a MCA fan for several years and says that she “is proud to be a part of a brand that truly treats its customers like family.”

Question: How did you get started with bodybuilding and weight training?
Answer: I have always been active! Growing up I played volleyball and basketball, in college I got into Spinning, and after college I got into CrossFit. Then when I was stationed overseas in Bahrain (I’m active duty Navy), I gave weight training a try and fell in love! A friend gave me his split but the Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer was my first ever “coach”.

Question: Where does your motivation come from?
Answer: My motivation comes from my parents. My parents have always believed in me and taught my siblings and I that we could be anything we wanted to be. Whether I’m in the weight room, on a bodybuilding stage, or serving my country…I always think of my parents and the opportunities they provided. My dad fought lung cancer for about 3.5 years and exuded so much strength. He never took pity on himself or complained about his situation. He truly lived life to its fullest, so I try to do the same every day in his honor.

Question: What workout routine has worked best for you? (Please also include a full routine example)
Answer: I like switching up my style and definitely switching up the exercises I do every 3-4 weeks. Sometimes I’ll do one body part per day, or lately I’m combining a few body parts per day. In a given workout, I’ll usually do a superset using a heavier compound lift, then going with a lighter lift. For those shoulders we’re always working on, I like to do: shoulder press SS lat raises, BB row SS front raises, and Arnold press SS rear lat raises. Keeping the body guessing is key so I’ll switch up DB vs BB vs cable. Seems to be working so far!

Question: If you had to pick only three exercises, what would they be and why?
Answer: I would pick hip thrusts, lat pull downs (shoulder width or wide), and DB shoulder press. As much as I’d love to pick three glute exercises…a well-balanced physique should be everyone’s goal and those three exercises would certainly help.

Question: What is your diet like?
Answer: I’ve been in a building phase since my last show, NPC Universe on July 1st, so I’ve been eating to fuel, and lifting to grow – I love it! I prefer to eat clean during the week so that I can enjoy a cheat meal or two…and get dessert of course! I love my Oreos!! I have incorporated a small treat each day which I think is key to preventing that restrictive mentality that leads so many to bingeing post show. I eat 5-6 smaller meals so my day looks like:

  • Egg whites with oatmeal/almond butter
  • Protein bar or shake
  • Chicken, sweet potatoes and a veggie
  • Ground turkey and rice
  • Chicken, rice and a veggie

Question: When trying to cut down, do you prefer HIIT or just normal cardio?
Answer: I think a good mix keeps it fresh, but HIIT is my go-to cardio choice now. In the past, I had done more LISS (low intensity steady state) but it can take longer to do. My current coach (Sarah Lyon with Underground Athletes) has me doing HIIT and I love the challenge! I really like doing sprints on a self-propelled treadmill or even on the stair mill. It’s such a great feeling to push yourself to your limits and then crushing those limits.

Question: What is your supplementation like?
Answer: I believe supplements are just that – they enhance your meal plan, shouldn’t replace real food. That being said, I do take a bunch of vitamins since we put our bodies through so much work. And I will use protein powder or protein bars but I try not to rely on them.

Question: What is your favorite quote?
Answer: “The body achieves what the mind believes.” Our mind will give up before our body does…so it’s important to keep believing in ourselves, making big and small goals and working each day to achieve them. After all, if you don’t think you can do something…you certainly won’t achieve it with that mentality!
“No shame in my selfie game!” I work hard in the gym & on my diet. I’m wicked proud of my physique so you bet I’m going to capture my pump & my progress in my MCA gear.

Question: What is in your gym bag?
Answer: I’m more of the bag lady variety! 🙂 I have my “shower” gym bag and my gym bag with my toys – my JayBird X3 headphones, my Polar HR monitor watch, my BCAAs, my VersaGripps (love these for back day), I bring my own ankle straps for cable kickbacks and I also bring my own bands – BForce Bands and the Mark Bell Slingshot Hip Circle band. I also bring my own Squat Sponge when I know I’ll be doing hip thrusts.

Question: How can we get in touch?
Instagram: @marissanicole_lifts
Snapchat: mnm0203
Twitter: @MarissaPR23
YouTube: Marissa Myatt
Facebook: Marissa Myatt NPC Bikini Competitor

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