Carey Bagwell and her husband, Robby, are high school sweethearts. They have 3 kids together and have a very close-knit family. After noticing how hard it was to keep up with the kids and extended family at group gatherings, they decided it was time for a change. Carey mentions their struggles: “We would play tag on hay bales and we would get so tired and run out of breath so fast. So I started looking into my options and read about the keto diet. It seemed like a good fit for us and while researching, I saw that it helped many brain cancer patients and many had successfully kept tumors at bay by trying the keto diet. This interested me because my nephew passed away in January 2017, after a battle with brain cancer. I did more research on this diet and started telling my parents about it and we all decided that we wanted to try it.”


This is Carey and Robby’s story.

How did you reach your heaviest weight? At what point did you decide enough was enough?

Carey: “Having kids. And then add excessive eating and just sitting around on top of that. My weight was more than I care to admit! I truly did not know how heavy I had gotten until I saw a video of me at my niece’s 21st birthday party playing basketball with our family. After watching the video, I knew I had to change something.”

Robby: “Not exercising and excessively eating. I went to a doctor appointment the week before I decided to start the keto diet. I was put on high blood pressure medicine and weighed 345 pounds. It was the highest I have ever weighed before. I knew that I had to do something because I wanted more time with my wife and kids.”

How did you both stay motivated? Did y’all keep each other accountable?

Carey: “Non scale victories really kept me motivated. I felt better after a week of eating clean. Then I noticed a difference in my clothes. We all kept each other accountable. We started a group text and we would celebrate each others victories.”

Robby: “A week after starting our diet, I just felt better all around. Headaches went away and I started to sleep better, too. Eating clean affected all areas of my life, and that helped me to stay motivated.”

Did you have specific fitness goals at the beginning of your transformation?

Carey: “I really just wanted to be able to do things and not get tired. I set a few weight goals for myself like Robby did. As of today, I am 7 pounds away from my BIG goal.”

Robby: “My goal was to lose 100 pounds and start lifting weights to tone.”

What part of your transformation has been the most difficult?

Carey: “Going to the ball park and not eating nachos and cheese fries! They are my weakness. Our little girl plays softball and so now we bring our own ice chest of food to tournaments.”

Robby: “Turning away Little Debbie snacks! Haha! Walking into the store and not grabbing a candy bar and a coke.”

How did being overweight affect your life? How are things different now?

Carey: “I just felt miserable. I was not happy with myself. I refused to take many pictures with my kids. I know I should just “take the picture anyways because they are memories” but it was my way of dealing with it. Now, I let me husband take pictures of me with the kids! I have lost a total of 68 pounds so far!”

Robby: “Being out in the sun all day working and being overweight would make me tired and I would have a headache by lunch time. Now, I can do things I never could before and I could keep pushing all day. I have lost a total of 70 pounds since starting in March. I am having to wear clothes that were always too small and now they are too big!”

What kinds of workout programs helped you get on track?

Carey: “I started a running program. Before I couldn’t even run a few feet. Now I run everyday around my neighborhood and I actually enjoy it! I look forward to running. If I do not run, I ride my bike.”

Robby: “Eating clean. And walking/running everyday after work.”

What does your diet look like now?

Carey: “Basically meats and veggies and high fat (like butter, avocados, coconut oil). We cut out all sugars and carbs.”

Robby: “Mainly a large protein breakfast and for dinner some meat and veggies. The biggest change was that I cut out all sodas and only drink water.”

What are your future plans?

​​Carey: “I really want to be healthy and be confident wearing cute clothes. I want to run a 5K. My niece and I are planning on running our first one this year. I am excited to see where I am when that time comes!”​

Robby: “To be healthy and fit.”​

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