Fitness fads may come and go, but there are a few fitness programs that have stood the test of time. CrossFit® is a popular regimen that was developed over the course of several decades. Founder Greg Glassman wanted to design a program that improved fitness and health by combining a variety of high-intensity movements that replicate the best aspects of gymnastics, rowing, running, weightlifting, and much more. Using the core movements of everyday life, the program encourages intense effort and high-power output. What makes CrossFit® particularly appealing is the sense of community and data-driven results. However, there are also many health benefits of CrossFit®.

Five Benefits of CrossFit®

Versatility: CrossFit® workouts have unique names and can be difficult to define because they’re so dynamic. Every workout is multidimensional, so you avoid overworking the same muscle group. This program is designed to improve physical performance in a diverse way so that you will be able to perform everyday tasks or prepare your body for a tough competition. In addition to muscles, these workouts are also designed to train joints and ligaments, so you can benefit from better balance, flexibility, posture, and strength.

Time Management: If you skip the gym or avoid working out due to time constraints, CrossFit® may be the perfect program for you. In a matter of 15 to 20 minutes, you will be asked to complete as many rounds of a specific workout as you possibly can. By the end of the circuit-training, you will have burned more calories than you could have with a regular workout. There are more than 13,000 CrossFit-affiliated gyms in the United States alone, so you can certainly find a location near you. With a short commute and a fast-paced workout, you benefit from extra time.

Intensity: As we mentioned earlier, CrossFit® is an intense program because it packs a lot of movements into every circuit performed. Aside from being multidimensional, this program is fast-paced and will challenge you with nonstop movement in less than 15 to 20 minutes a day. This level of exercise concentration will encourage your body to burn in an effective way while increasing strength each day you challenge yourself.

Heart Health: The key to good heart health is exercising so you can elevate your heart rate for a period of time. With CrossFit®, your heart rate stays elevated throughout the entire workout and you can improve your cardio endurance.

Improved Mobility: Your joints are just as important as your muscles, especially in terms of everyday movements. By performing all the functional movements of CrossFit®, you learn all the safe and proper ways to lift heavy objects off of the floor and hold them overhead. Plus, you can significantly reduce the risk of injury in everyday life.

There are many more benefits of CrossFit®. There are also many resources available to you if you are interested in finding a gym and getting started.