When you make a purchase from Muscle Club Apparel, you are supporting a small business and affording us the ability to provide for our family.  My name is Jeff, and the idea of Muscle Club Apparel began in 2010, when we learned of our oldest son’s rare diagnosis of Merosin Deficient Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, which has approximately 2,000 cases world-wide. (Find out more about our Stay Strong series dedicated to him by clicking here.) When my wife was forced to quit working to stay home with him, it meant the loss of an income.  And like any family dependent on two incomes it hit us hard.  I was armed with a graphic design degree, a screen-printing background, and an avid love for fitness… combine these ingredients with a need to supplement a missing income, a company was born.

Our literal blood, sweat, and tears have been put into this brand since day one.  In just a few short years, Muscle Club Apparel blossomed from it’s humble beginnings of selling shirts from a gym bag, into a clothing brand recognized world wide.  The days of utilizing closet space to store inventory and working from a tiny desk from the corner of our home might be gone, but we never lost the roots to our success or our passion for what we do.  We still continue develop slogans that motivate and inspire, we still continue to use high quality threads and screen printing, and we still continue to deliver at a price you can afford.  That is our guarantee.

This little dream of ours has grown beyond anything we could have ever imagined, and we recognize that this would not be possible without the love and support from our loyal fans and customers. So from our family to yours, thank you.

Jeff Smith
Owner/Founder — Muscle Club Apparel®