Muscle Club Apparel® is a company based out of Ruston, Louisiana, and our passion for fitness has led us on a journey creating inspirational apparel that has resonated with fans across the world. We are committed to providing our customers with unparalleled customer service and high quality merchandise, while maintaining an affordable price point.  Regardless if you are just starting out or have been an avid fitness enthusiast for years, we have something in our store for you.
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make america swole again unisex tee shirt

Make America Swole Again

she's bossy sleeveless muscle workout gym tank

She’s Bossy Workout & Fitness Tank Top

Tribe Vibe Your vibe attracts your tribe womens sleeveless workout tank

Tribe Vibe Breeze Sleeveless Tank Top

Namaste away from cardio tie back gym shirt namaste cardio

Namaste Cardio Tie Back

Resting Gym Face sleeveless women's workout tank top

Resting Gym Face Breeze Fitness Workout Tank Top

spanish Cardio, you know I don't speak Spanish women's sleeveless gym tank

Spanish Cardio Breeze Fitness Workout Tank Top

I'd HIIT That workout racerback gym tank

I’d HIIT That Fitness Workout Tank Top

Pumpin' Ain't Easy unisex tee

Pumpin’ Ain’t Easy Unisex Fitness Tee

pumpin ain't easy workout racerback gym tank

Pumpin’ Ain’t Easy Fitness Workout Tank Top

I'd HIIT That unisex tee

I’d HIIT That Unisex Fitness Workout Tee

positive vibes only, Women's, Workout, sleeveless, Tank

Positive Vibes Only Breeze Fitness Workout Tank Top

Pumpin' Ain't Easy mens sleeveless tank

Pumpin’ Ain’t Easy Sleeveless Workout Tank



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